Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The diet, some background

The "diet" for my car was enforced by Arlen Vanke's shop in Akron.

Akron Arlen was a hero from Ohio back in the day. He did some early work with Pontiac back in their swiss cheese phase, so he was a dietician from way back. But still, to me he'll always be a Mopar racer because that's where he really found fame..
Here's Arlen in recent times, same car, different paint scheme. The paint job shown here was originally done by Greg of Akron and it's a rolling work of art. I'm not sure about that East Town job above, it could be too.
I can't say I'm glad he cut on my car, but like he told me, they were just old race cars back then. The customers wanted fast cars, and light means fast. Another reason to lighten the cars up was to offset the weight of the roll bar that was needed to pass tech at the track. There's at least 100 lbs of steel tubing here left from cutting that thing out.
Speaking of the roll bar ... I found traces of life when I cut the roll bar out of the car. Apparently J. C. Heintz worked for Arlen's shop back in 1978 when the car was prepped..

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